Tasty toasty brunch


This weekend my brother went on a rugby tour (Daddy went too) so girls were in charge.  On Saturday I went to an open morning at my school and on my way out I tripped and sprained my ankle!(😲) so I have not been able to do any cooking this weekend.  Instead I went for brunch with my Mum to a local artisan bakery & coffee shop called Toast Rack.  It is called this because it is situated on Trinity Road near Wandsworth Common and some roads which are apparently called “the Toast Rack” plus on every table there is a toaster so customers can toast their own bread!

So Mummy and I sat down to try and choose from the menu.  It was very difficult as there were lots of delicious sounding dishes on it.  Eventually Mummy decided to have Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict.  It sounds unusual but it was very tasty and Mummy said it was almost as good as my Pulled Pork.  I had a full English breakfast which was absolutely magnificent.    The sausages were slightly spicy but not too much, the bacon was crispy and the tomatoes perfectly grilled.  The poached eggs had a very nice runny middle.

We also ordered carrot, apple and ginger juice which was fresh and zingy although it could have had a little more ginger.  We finished off by sharing (Mummy’s idea, not mine) an almond croissant which was “the best almond croissant I have ever had” (according to Mummy) and it was rather delicious.

I would recommend the Toast Rack very highly and I will be voting for them in the Time and Leisure Food & Drink Awards 2016.   If you want to support them too, click here.  If I am lucky, we may even go back next Friday evening for pizza (especially if I tell Daddy that they claim their pizzas are better than Franco Manca pizza’s) – fingers crossed.



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