Three course meal

On Saturday I made that three course meal I was  talking about in my fig blog.  The fig pie had a bit of a soggy bottom though it was still very nice. The rest of the meal went exceedingly well and was very yummy. In case you don’t remember it was: mushroom soup, vegetable chilli wraps, and fig, raspberry and cardamom pie. I made all this because my Papa was coming over.  The chilli was very nice and totally vegetarian. The mushroom soup was also delicious and not as watery as the first time (I was very pleased with this.). Last but not at all least  was my fig,raspberry and cardamom pie. The only bad thing about this particular recipe is that it’s very liquidy.I really enjoyed making it but it didn’t turn out as I had hoped it would.  Mummy says ” It still tasted delicious♥!” (it was ok, I suppose!)


Rolling the pastry


225g unsalted butter

350g plain flour

100g icing sugar

1 large egg yolk (save the white for brushing the pastry)

Put the butter and flour in a food processor and blend together until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs or you can do this by rubbing the flour and butter together with your hands. Add the egg and sugar (careful with the icing sugar as it is very dusty) and blend together until it is a big clump of pastry.  If it seems too dry add some water. Kneed into a ball and wrap in cling film . Chill for at least 30 mins.



10-12 large figs,quartered

400g raspberries

100g caster sugar

 I tbsp cornflour

8 cardamom pods

1 x batch pastry

1tsp fine polenta or ground almonds

egg white (from earlier)

cream, crème fraîche,yoghurt, soured cream or ice-cream to serve


Put the figs, sugar, raspberries and cornflour in a bowl and mix. Put the cardamom in a mortar and crack the pods with a pestle, crush the seeds, then add to the fruit. Remove the dough from the fridge and divide into two uneven pieces. Roll the larger piece of the dough out until as thick as a £1 or large enough to fill your pie plate.  Line the plate with your pastry and scatter the polenta or ground almonds over and spoon in the filling. Heat the oven to 190c.  With the rest of the pastry cover the pie in however way you like. Use the rest of the egg to glaze the top and sprinkle with some sugar.  Bake for 40-45 mins. Cool for ten mins before serving with your choice of cream, crème fraîche,yoghurt, soured cream or ice-cream.



4 thoughts on “Three course meal

  1. It all sounds very yummy – and if the pie tasted good and everyone ate it – I see that as a success.
    Love Heatherxx
    PS Who do you think is going to win the Bake Off? Hx

    Liked by 1 person

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