RESTAURANT REVIEW – River Cottage Canteen (Axminster)

I went to Devon (NOT Dorset – for those who were there!) for a holiday recently with some old friends and one day we trekked across fields to the nearest town. Axminster is a very small but  very nice town . It is also home to a very good author called Emma Carroll ( I bought a book of hers called ” In Darkling Wood” ). River Cottage canteen is a Hugh fearnley – Whittingstall restaurant  near the center of the town  and it’s very good. The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was the children’s menu, it was very small compared to the adults menu. Everything else was delightful and the waitress who served us very friendly and helpful. Here are some of my friends and families thoughts on the canteen:

the menu comparisson
the menu comparison

MUM –  ” The food was unusual but delicious, I had pork hash, which was very good.”

DAD – “I didn’t realise that it was quite so big on the outside and I loved the chips! Generally very nice”

BEN (my brother) – ” The food was good (especially the lemon sorbet) but the kids menu was not what I expected”

MEG TOWNEND – “I loved the food and the waitress who served us was a total darling and very helpful too. The decor is very cool. ”

SIAN JOSEPH – ” The food was delicious! I really liked the chicken salad and overall it was a very relaxing lunch. ”

MILLY JOSEPH – “The old style decor is very cool.My sausages and chips were yummy!”


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